GHOST: You’ll Never Guess How This Woman Got Rid of Her Maid

Hilarious Plan - Woman Uses Ghostly Prank to Get Rid of Unwanted Helper

A woman came up with an creative way to fire the employee she didn’t get along with very well. She cleverly resorted to a scary prank to get her helper to reconsider working for her.

The woman pretended to be a ghost in a way that was both funny and scary, making it feel like a scene from Paranormal Activity.

The caregiver was so shaken by her tactics that she abandoned the baby in her hands and ran away.

The woman claimed that the plan worked, and the helper requested to resign the following day.

A woman didn’t take a fancy to the helper her husband hired, so she got creatively rid of her.

She scared the helper so much that she asked to leave on her own the next day.

@anisha_x5‘s side-splitting video which she shared on TikTok, was viewed by 81.9K people. In the video, the woman’s helper is in the other room carrying the baby.

Suddenly from the corner of her eye, she notices a shadowy figure crawling across the floor. The figure, who is the woman, comes back again and crawls on the floor creepily.

By this time, the woman’s helper is sufficiently spooked and can no longer endure. The woman’s caption clarifies that she asked to leave the next day.




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