Lifetime Jackpot: Man Finds More Than R129m In A Storage Unit He Bought For R8k

A Man Found $1.2M Cash In A Safe Which Was In A Storage Unit He Bought For $500

In a truly unbelievable turn of events, a savvy individual who purchased a storage unit for a mere $500 stumbled upon an unexpected fortune within.

Renowned Storage Wars personality, Dan Dotson, along with his wife Laura, were approached by an unidentified woman with an astonishing tale involving a storage sale.

While attending the Cars, Stars, and Rock N’Roll charity event, Dotson was captivated by the woman’s story. She recounted acquiring a storage unit for approximately R8,600 ($500), which ultimately led to the discovery of millions within.

The unit contained a safe that held an astounding $7.5 million, equivalent to R129 million. Upon opening, it had a safe which gave them a hard time to open.

The first attempt was unsuccessful, but the second try was successful, and the storage unit owner got the shock of his life after discovering huge sums of money.

However, despite hitting the jackpot, they were more than worried and concerned about who was the owner of the sold unit.

Luckily Dotson revealed that the owners of the unit had already communicated with their lawyers revealing that they had sold the unit with an undisclosed fee.


Through the attorney, the previous owners offered a settlement of $1.2 million which amounts to R20.7 million, to recoup their $7.5 million.

The new owners reportedly took the offer. Dotson also revealed that this was the best offer since $7.5 million is a lot of money and probably wasn’t clean, considering it was kept in a safe in storage unit.

In one of his statements, he said: “$7.5 million is a lot of money… but that’s a lot of running, too.”

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