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Tony Forbes Reveals The Reason Why He Visits Nightclubs

Forbes Was Spotted At Night Clubs A Couple Of Times After AKA's Death

Tony Forbes has been seen frequenting nightclubs multiple times since the tragic passing of his son, Kiernan AKA Forbes.

This choice has sparked discussions among people, prompting him to shed light on his actions during an interview with TshishaLIVE.

During the interview, Forbes shared his genuine longing for his late son, expressing that he spends his days in tears.

However, he revealed that visiting places where AKA used to perform, including nightclubs, provides him a semblance of relief.

“Through what I post on Instagram I hope to bring the good memories and tell the stories, that is the intentional side. The unintentional side is I struggle with the loss and I’m not the type of person who can sit at home and cry all day. I cry all day because I miss him so much, but then I go to where he used to work, I feel closer to him. I’m not saying that is the right way for me to grieve and deal with the loss,” he explained.

When it comes to the ongoing investigation into his son’s death, Tony Forbes acknowledged that the process is moving slowly. Despite this, he remains hopeful and trusts the process to bring about closure.

Tony’s journey through grief sheds light on the diverse ways individuals navigate their emotions in the face of immense loss, emphasizing the importance of finding healing methods that resonate personally.

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