VIDEO | Protests Outside Moja Love TV Demanding Sizokthola’s Immediate Return In Rosebank

Protests Outside Moja Love Studios As Fans Demand Return of Xolani Khumalo’s Show

Xolani Khumalo’s admirers are making their voices heard, urging for the TV star’s comeback on their screens.

Xolani rose to fame in South Africa for his bold exposé of drug dealers on the widely-watched show.

A group of South Africans gathered outside Moja Love TV headquarters in Rosebank, demanding the swift return of the beloved program Sizokthola, hosted by Xolani Khumalo.

Following the alleged involvement of Khumalo and his crew in the death of a drug dealer featured on the show, Sizokthola was temporarily suspended.

A Twitter-shared video showcases a passionate assembly of individuals holding banners and waving the nation’s flags while chanting their pleas.

Social media users shared mixed reactions to the viral video. Some are supporting the move by the protesters and calling for Xolani’s immediate return.

Others are saying people should allow the law to take its course and deal with the ongoing murder case before Xolani Khumalo and Sizokthola come back.



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