WATCH | A Woman Is Canceling Her Wedding After Discovering This About Her Husband

Lady Wants To Cancel Her Wedding After Her Partner Disappointed Her

An upset woman explains why she wants to postpone her wedding, which is scheduled at the end of August.

The tiktok user known as Chazbeee2 claims that she recently found out that her future husband is having an affair.

What particularly breaks her heart is the fact that he has a three-month-old baby and he went to pay damages to the baby’s mother. This news wasn’t warmly received by the upcoming bride.

She sat down with herself and thought about this matter, and she finally confront her man. The love of her life didn’t beat around the bush and told her the truth by agreeing to everything she said.

The lady told her she want to cut off the wedding reason being she doesn’t want to marry a liar and a cheater.

She the took another step by calling out a meeting inviting her in-laws together with her family, she address the issue, unfortunately both families didn’t agree with her decision, saying she is angry for nothing, the baby will grow, and she must be happy that her man chose her.

This lady takes her personal matters to social media seeking for advice, she said she doesn’t know what to do right now because both families failed her.

The only option she’s left with is to disappear on the day of her wedding. What do you think this lady should do?



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