Driver Throws His Car keys On The Roof During Attempted Vehicle Hijacking

This Driver Reacts When A Man Storms Him During A Hijacking Attempt

A video of a driver doing something unusual during an attempted car theft has become really popular.

In the video, three women are waiting outside a building. A big car comes in, and the driver gets out to greet the women.

While this is happening, the gate is closing. Just as the gate is almost closed, another car stops outside the gate, and two guys start running toward it.

One guy manages to get inside the gate and goes after the women and the driver.

The driver acts really fast when he sees what’s going on. He turns around and throws the car keys onto the roof of the building.

The guys with guns run around, and one of them points the gun at the driver. But it seems like the gun isn’t working right. So, the guy with the gun leaves.

According to the date on the video, this happened on a Tuesday around 12:30. We don’t know exactly where it happened yet.

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