Wife Rages Against Husband and Mistress In Tlof Tlof Drama

Wife Catches Husband And Side Chick Having S3x

Social media is rolling in laughter over a viral video of a furious woman who was b3ating up her husband and his side chick after catching them having s3x.

The woman went home to her shack and found the shock of her life. She barged into the room and confronted the pair, who were both undressed and revelling in some lustful tlof tlof.

The video shows the woman seething and fuming, repeatedly thrashing her husband and mistress with a short cooking stick. The man was just wearing underwear while the mistress only had a bra.

The wife turned her attention to the mistress who was hiding behind the cheating husband. The wife gathers all her might onto the stick and unleashes powerful strokes.

As the stick rains, the side chick and the husband grab the switch to stop the beatings, but the furious wife was too powerful for them.

The woman can be heard shouting insults and curses at the cheating couple while they beg for mercy.

The husband tries in vain to shield his side chick away from the brutal punishment, but it proves futile as his angry wife targets the lady’s bare thighs and legs.

The naughty side chick then moves towards the wall, away from the reach of the enraged wife, and when the punisher turns around the bed to reach for the lady, the side chick makes one dash and leaves the shack, unfazed that she is unclothed.


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