Banking Glitch Allows Customers To Withdraw Money They Don’t Have

"Miracle Withdrawals" - Bank Glitch Allows Clients To Withdraw R19 000 Of Free Money

A recent IT issue caused Bank of Ireland customers to make “miracle withdrawals” from ATMs, which was a surprising occurrence.

Because of this IT problem, Bank of Ireland customers could take out money even if they didn’t actually have it in their accounts. This means they could take out money even if their accounts were already negative.

For several hours, the IT problem allowed customers to take out more money than they had in their accounts. This issue affected the bank for a while and they had to involve the police to handle ATM withdrawals.

Reports say that during this time, customers were able to withdraw €1,000 (which is about R19,000) from their accounts through the ATMs.

Bank of Ireland
Bank of Ireland

The problem caused long lines at ATMs as news spread on social media, which led to the police getting involved to manage the situation.

However, the police said they were dealing with things on a case-by-case basis to maintain order at the ATMs.

This IT issue affected almost all of the bank’s systems, including ATMs, their online platform, and their mobile app.

During the IT problem, customers could also transfer €1,000 to linked accounts, like Revolut.

The bank mentioned that they only let authorities know about the IT problem. They didn’t actually ask the police to stand by the ATMs; they just wanted their help to manage the situation and control the long lines of customers waiting to make withdrawals.

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