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Business Partner Claims DJ Sumbody Looted Ayepyep Before His Murder

DJ Sumbody Allegedly Stole Millions From Ayepyep

No doubt, DJ Sumbody has been making headlines from the grave. The slain musician is topping trends after it was revealed that he allegedly stole millions from Ayepyep before his untimely death.

Slain musician DJ Sumbody allegedly stole money from Ayepyep before his untimely death in December last year.

This is accoding to Sumbody’s business partner in a series of WhatsApp messages he sent to the artist’s younger brother Koketso Sefoka in March.

In the messages we have seen, Kagiso Setsetse told Sefoka that Sumbody, who was gunned down mafia style, purloined wags of lucre from the trendy joint, and claims he has the evidence to support his allegation.

The foul-mouthed Setsetse, who often used a bevy of derogatives and profanities in the messages, appeared to have been pissed off by Sefoka enquiry from the restaurant staff about its affairs.

“What the f@#k is wrong with you?? I keep quiet and f@#k keeping pushing your luck. I told you to stop talking to my staff… You think you smart? You telling me one thing and you busy doing the other! I have been patient and trying to work with you and you busy messing up all over!!,” reads the message.

He said Sefoka should henceforth start dealing with his lawyers, and should explain to his mother, who has been appointed the executrix of Sumbody’s estate, why he no longer wanted to engage with him.

Setsetse also said he was aware that the Monate Mpolaye hit maker helped himself to Ayepyep’s money, saying the musician’s car would be taken to recoup the pilfered moolah.

“That car will be taken, all the money your brother took unlawfully will be claimed, you will be left with nothing cuz of your f@#k greediness and stupidity. Your brother stole a lot of money through the business name and sponsors have given me proof. I have decided to keep quiet, but now I am going to claim every cent because of your stupidity and evil personality,” read another message.

Sefoka responded that the singer was not a larcenist, asking Setsetse to stop telling him he was greedy. “But why are you fighting with Oupa, my brother. What has he done to you for you to be so against him KG. O, big brother and I always asked to be so (sic),” read the message.

Setsetse also said he would call Sefoka’s mother and ask why she refused to give him the muso’s death certificate. He told Sefoka he was still a spring chicken and warned him to steer clear of the late artist’s estate.

“Concentrate on your business, your wife and kids. Leave things you don’t understand because you busy creating a negative image of yourself! That’s my advice,” read the message.

Sunday World learnt a wellknown funeral parlour confirmed in a letter that it gave Sefoka Sumbody’s death certificate, raising questions over how Setsetse secured it to claim the R10-million life insurance he had taken with Momentum Insurance for the musician.

“In line with our internal burial process, death certificate are normally issued to the ‘informant’ (meaning individuals who initiated the burial process, normally the decease’s family and or close relatives). In this case we confirm that the death certificate was issued to Mr Koketso Sefoka on the 19th January 2023,” read the letter.

Pressed for comment, Setsetse said the families were on the brink of resolving their differences.

“We had a meeting this week with the Sefoka family and both our attorneys about a settlement and the way forward. As far as we know we are in the process of settling everything. I think these are just tricks and tactics from people to divert the public’s attention. But for now, I think it’s best we just leave everything to the law to decide,” Setsetse said.

He revealed that his attorneys requested the death certificate and medical report after they had the meeting.

“What’s important now is to settle things with the family and have our business open in Cape Town so everyone can move on with their lives,” said Setsetse.

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