City of Cape Town Offers R1,35M Reward For Murder Information On The LEAP Officer

Well If You Happened To Witness The Murder Of A LEAP Officer Contact The City Of Cape

The City of Cape Town is offering a significant reward for anyone who can provide information about the murder of a Law Enforcement Advancement (LEAP) Officer earlier this month.

The reward has been raised to an unprecedented R1.35 million, a substantial increase from the previous maximum of R250,000.

Zamikhaya Kwinana was tragically shot in the head while sitting in a patrol vehicle in Nyanga township during a violent taxi strike in Cape Town. Despite efforts to rush him to the hospital, he sadly passed away upon arrival.

Zamikhaya Kwinana
Zamikhaya Kwinana

JP Smith, City of Cape Town MMC for Safety and Security, explained that the additional funds for the reward came from multiple sources who wanted to show support for the officers. This generosity allowed them to increase the reward amount significantly.

City of Cape Town MMC for Safety and Security JP Smith confirmed that the money was not all out of the City’s purse.

“In a remarkable display of solidarity with our officers, several benefactors approached the City requesting to pledge additional amounts to the reward already offered. This has permitted us to increase the reward to an unprecedented amount not previously possible” says Smith.

The reward will be given to the person who provides information leading directly to the identification, arrest, and conviction of those responsible for Kwinana’s murder.

Smith urged anyone with relevant information about the attack to contact the City’s toll-free tip-off line to assist in the arrest of the criminals.

If you have information, you can call the City’s toll-free tip-off line at 0800 110077.

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