Mother In Durban Assaulted After Community Finds Child (7) Chained In A Shack

Residents Passing The Shack Saw A Girl Chained To A Rafter Through A Window

In a shocking incident, a woman who reportedly chained her daughter to a rafter in their informal home faced assault from members of the community upon returning to her home in Redcliffe, Durban.

The incident prompted a call for help from a resident in the Sandpit area, who witnessed a mob assaulting the mother.

“According to the caller, residents walking past the informal home peered through a window and noticed a girl child shackled with a metal chain.

Residents found the child chained inside her home.
Residents found the child chained inside her home.

“The chain was fastened with a lock. The opposite end was secured to a rafter along the roof. The child is believed to be about seven years old,” says Balram.

Upon the arrival of reaction officers and Verulam SAPS police, it was revealed that the woman had restrained her child before leaving in the morning.

When she returned, the angry mob attacked her with sticks. To escape the crowd, the woman locked herself inside her home.

The mother and child were subsequently rescued from the situation and taken to the Verulam police station.

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