Woman Awarded R22 Billion After Her Explicit Videos Were Leaked

Marques Jamal Jackson Was Found Guilty Of ‘revenge p0rn0graphy’ And Ordered To Pay R22 billion In Damages

Marques Jamal Jackson has been found guilty of revenge p0rn0graphy and has been ordered by a court to pay a substantial amount in damages.

The court ruled that he must pay $1 billion in punitive damages and $200 million in actual damages, totaling $1.2 billion (about R22 billion).

The judgement was delivered by a jury in Haris County District Court.

The jury unanimously decided that Jackson must pay the victim the entire settlement amount. The case revolved around Jackson sharing the victim’s private pictures on a public Dropbox.

“The communication from the jury is that you make it your mission to ruin someone emotionally for the rest of your life, then you are going to be facing a judgment that’s going to ruin you financially for the rest of your life,” he said.

Jackson allegedly distributed the private material among the victim’s family, friends, and colleagues.

He reportedly shared the material on various social media platforms using a public Dropbox folder, which means anyone could access it.

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The victim’s legal team stated that the folder with the intimate material had circulated on social media after it was shared.

According to court documents, Jackson shared the material following a fallout with the victim. It was also revealed that he had threatened the victim by saying she would never be able to remove her images from the internet.

This case is considered one of the largest revenge p0rn court cases, and the American woman was awarded a substantial amount of R22 billion in damages.

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