‘Carte Blanche’ presenter Derek Watts Has Died

Remembering A Remarkable Journalist: Veteran Carte Blanche Reporter Passes Away at 74

John Webb, the executive producer of the investigative TV show Carte Blanche on MNet, shared heartfelt words about their late colleague, journalist John Watts. Watts’ unique talent for getting people to open up was highlighted as his greatest gift.

Webb expressed this sentiment during a conversation with 702’s John Perlman.

Watts, a seasoned journalist, passed away at the age of 74 after dedicating 35 years of his career to Carte Blanche.

He left the show in July due to health concerns following a cancer diagnosis.

Webb praised Watts’ character, describing him as a good friend and colleague.

He emphasized that Watts was not only fundamentally decent and good-hearted but also receptive to feedback, always striving to better convey the stories of South Africa.

Former colleague Devi Sankaree Govender also paid tribute to Watts, stating that she grew up watching him on TV and he inspired her to pursue a career in journalism. She mentioned that he treated her as an equal, which empowered her. She also revealed that Watts disliked confrontation scenes on Carte Blanche because he empathized with the other person involved.

“He was a good man. He genuinely cared. He loved his country… This is a loss for South Africa. I didn’t expect the end to be so sudden,” Sankaree Govender expressed.

She concluded by acknowledging Watts’ lasting impact on her career and her life.

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