Sentencing Week Begins for Convicted K!llers Of Businessman Wandile Bozwana

Sentencing Proceedings Start For Vusi ‘Khekhe’ Mathibela, Co-Accused For k!lling Billionaire Wandile Bozwana

After over a year since their murder and attempted murder convictions, the culprits responsible for the death of wealthy businessman Wandile Bozwana are finally facing their punishment.

Sentencing proceedings started in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, and are anticipated to conclude this week.

The defense presented pre-sentencing reports for two of the accused, Sipho Patrick Hudla and Robert Mutapa. Reports for Mamelodi businessman Vusi “Khekhe” Mathibela and his co-accused Bonginkosi Paul Khumalo are expected today.

Mathibela’s lawyer indicated that he would testify in mitigation of sentence.

During the proceedings, a probation officer read out the reports for Hudla and Mutapa.

Both appealed to the court for leniency, but the reports revealed no remorse for the 2015 killing of Bozwana and the attempted murder of his business associate, Mpho Baloyi.

Families of Hudla and Mutapa were taken aback by their arrests in 2015 and convictions last year.

They described the men as caring, valuable members of society, and requested mercy from Judge Papi Mosopa during sentencing.

Hudla is a father of nine, while Mutapa is a father of six. The pre-sentencing reports highlighted the hardships faced by their children, including being unable to complete schooling due to financial constraints.

Both men were taxi drivers who later owned their own taxis. They shared their struggles in jail over the past seven years and particularly the challenging conditions of the last year in C-Max prison.

The prosecution is expected to present witnesses, including Bozwana’s wife and family members, to testify during the week for aggravation of sentence. The motive for Bozwana’s murder in 2015 remains undisclosed.

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