The Gunman Who K!lled Jabulani Gumbi Has Been Revealed

Businessman Fatally Sh0t in Front of Rustenburg Coffee Shop

A tragic incident occurred in Rustenburg where a businessman was shot and killed in front of patrons and staff at a local coffee shop.

The victim, Jabulani Ben Gumbi, was attacked by two assailants outside Platō Coffee on Kock Street around 8 am. The entire incident was caught on camera, showing Gumbi being shot multiple times and collapsing.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone confirmed the shooting and mentioned that the police were actively investigating the case.

Gumbi’s family expressed their shock over his bold murder. A family member revealed that Gumbi had received death threats earlier that month due to a dispute involving land development.

In a video shared with TimesLIVE, Gumbi can be heard addressing the alleged threats, stating, “Those who are against me and the development, prepare yourself, it won’t be easy.

Just ensure you don’t lose, it’s going to be tough. If you’ve declared war and endangered my family, be sure about your actions.

You might end up being the ultimate loser, whether I’m here or not. This is not a threat but a promise. Be cautious and know what you’re doing.”

This tragic incident has left the community in shock and emphasizes the need for thorough investigations and security measures.


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