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Katlego Maboe’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of Not Paying His Son’s School Fees

TV Host Katlego Maboe And Baby-Mama Fights Again

In a recent turn of events, IFE, a well-known TV personality, and his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller have found themselves in the spotlight again due to a financial dispute.

Muller took to her Instagram Stories to address the matter, accusing Maboe of not fulfilling his responsibilities in paying their child’s school fees.

Despite their past differences, the two share a son, which means their interactions will continue.

Muller expressed her frustration by highlighting that Maboe earns significantly more than she does but allegedly refuses to contribute to their child’s education.

Muller shared text messages between herself and Maboe’s current partner, ‘Jessica,’ revealing personal conversations where she was accused of being a “poor mom.”

She also mentioned enduring financial difficulties even after dealing with legal fees and being a single mother.

The situation has prompted discussions among fans, with many still supporting Maboe despite the allegations. Muller’s concerns revolve around their child being impacted negatively if financial obligations aren’t met.

While the public opinion remains divided, it’s clear that the focus should be on the child’s well-being in the midst of this dispute.

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