IzinganeZesthembu | Mseleku Is Allegedly Going To Be A Father Of Three As His Gf Is Pregnant

Son of Musa Mseleku Openly Embraces Polygamy with Two Girlfriends

Mpumelelo Mseleku, the son of Musa Mseleku, has openly shared his desire to embrace polygamy, highlighting his strong affection for multiple women.

The professional soccer player has revealed that he is currently in a polygamous relationship with two girlfriends, Vuyokazi Nciweni and Tirelo.

Mpumelelo has discussed his polygamous relationship candidly. Recently, he became a father to two children, with Tirelo giving birth not long ago.

A recent episode of his reality show unveiled that Vuyokazi, his first girlfriend, is pregnant again with his third child.

This has stirred conversations on social media, with some questioning his intentions, while Mpumelelo asserts he is carrying on the family name.

Congratulations to the couple are in order amidst these discussions.


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