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A Traditional Healer Explains Why You Should Remove These Types Of Stones From Your Yard

Remove these stones out of your yard - says sangoma

Many people are unaware of what happens in their yards during the late evening hours.

A video shared on social media recently highlights the importance of keeping your yard clean, specifically when it comes to concrete stones.

In the video, a sangoma explains that there are individuals who secretly throw these heavy stones into yards late at night, with malicious intentions.

These actions, he emphasizes, are often driven by ill-will towards others.

He warns communities to be vigilant and cautious of such bad actors who are willing to go to great lengths to harm others.

The man goes on to reveal that some individuals even purchase these concrete stones for the sole purpose of causing harm.

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He advises everyone to regularly check their yards in the morning for any unexpected stones.

Finding these stones in your yard repeatedly is a clear sign that you should take action to protect yourself.

In life, he concludes, it’s crucial not to remain passive when faced with harm.

Standing up for your well-being is essential when confronted by those who wish to do you harm.



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