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Heartfelt Moment: Kairo Forbes’ Tears Onstage After Singing AKA’s Song

Kairo Forbes Cries On Stage After Singing AKA’s Song

Kairo Forbes, the daughter of AKA, had a touching moment on stage when she sang her father’s hit song.

Although she’s been seen as a strong child, it appeared that emotions had been building up inside her.

In the days leading up to her performance, she practiced her father’s songs with Nadia Nakai, which stirred up her emotions.

When she sang these songs on stage, her feelings overwhelmed her.

After finishing her performance, she went to her mother, DJ Zinhle, and tearfully expressed how much she missed AKA.

Many fans felt sorry for her and offered comforting words. DJ Zinhle shared the pictures on her Instagram, explaining how Kairo had been holding back her feelings.

She mentioned, “After bravely performing her dad’s song in front of thousands of people, my 8-year-old broke down, saying she just misses her daddy and wishes he was here. Kairo often tries to hide her feelings, and this is one of the few times I’ve seen her cry like that.”

DJ Zinhle also praised Kairo’s bravery as she stood by her during her performance. Kairo wiped away her tears and stood courageously beside her mother.

While DJ Zinhle is proud of her daughter’s strength, she expressed her wish that Kairo didn’t have to be so strong and that she still had her father.

The touching moment showed the deep emotions Kairo carries for her late father, AKA.

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