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Basetsana Kumalo Celebrates Over Jackie Phamotse Found Guilty Of Defamation

After A Five-Year-Long Trial, The Court Found Phamotse Guilty

Media mogul Basetsana Kumalo is celebrating a significant legal victory after a lengthy five-year trial.

The Randburg Magistrates Court recently ruled in her favor, finding controversial author Jackie Phamotse guilty of both crimen injuria and defamation.

These charges stemmed from a 2018 tweet by Phamotse, in which she alleged the existence of a s3x tape involving Kumalo and her husband, Romeo.

The court dismissed Phamotse’s argument that she had not intended to defame the celebrity couple.

Speaking outside the Randburg Magistrates Court, Kumalo expressed her satisfaction with the judgment and emphasized that this win was not just for her but also for countless others who have been victims of cyberbullying.

She highlighted that many individuals in South Africa have faced severe consequences, including loss of life, due to the scourge of cyberbullying.

The landmark judgment signifies a stand against this harmful practice and offers support to those who have endured its devastating effects, including Kumalo’s own family, who had to cope with the fame and fallout from these allegations over the past five years.

What To Know About The Jackie Phamotse Case:

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