WATCH | Baby Born With 26 Fingers And Toes Hailed In India

Baby Born in India With 26 Fingers and Toes Celebrated as Reincarnation of Dholagarh Devi

In the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, in the city of Bharatpur, a remarkable baby girl was born at a local hospital.

What sets her apart is a genetic anomaly that bestowed upon her seven fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

While medical professionals have diagnosed this condition as a genetic anomaly, her family sees something divine in her birth.

They believe she is the reincarnation of Dholagarh Devi, a well-known local deity whose temple stands not far from where the baby was born.

Dholagarh Devi is a revered figure in the region, and the family’s interpretation of the baby’s unique condition as a sign of her divine nature has sparked joy and celebration.

Dholagarh Devi
Dholagarh Devi

Despite her extra digits, doctors have confirmed that she is a healthy baby girl.

Her father, Gopal Bhattacharya, serves as a police constable in the Central Reserve Police Force and is equally delighted by her birth.

Dr. BS Soni, a medical professional at the hospital where she was born, assured that having 26 fingers and toes does not pose any health risks.

He stated, “There is no harm of any kind in having 26 fingers, but it is a genetic anomaly. The girl is otherwise absolutely healthy.”

Whether the family plans for their newborn to undergo surgery to reduce the number of digits on each limb remains uncertain.


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