Long Weekend Drama: Woman Finds Out Boyfriend’s Secret Wedding Through Social Media

VIDEO: My Boyfriend Got Married Over The Weekend

In a stunning turn of events, a young woman’s life was turned upside down when she stumbled upon social media posts revealing her boyfriend’s secret wedding over the weekend, leaving her in a state of shock and disbelief.

The story began innocently on Heritage Day in South Africa, a day celebrated with cultural pride and festivities.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared her own excitement on social media for the weekend.

She detailed how her boyfriend had informed her about attending a family wedding.

She recalled that her boyfriend had said it was his cousin’s wedding, an event she believed she was invited to as his girlfriend.

However, things took an unexpected turn when he insisted on taking his long-time female best friend as his plus one.

Trying to make sense of it, she wrote, “I understood because they have known each other for a longer time, and the family also knows her,” although she remained puzzled by the decision.


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