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VIDEO | DJ Sbu’s Honest Confession on Mzekezeke Raises Eyebrows

DJ Sbu Shares Confession About Mzekezeke and Throws Ntando Under the Bus

DJ Sbu recently addressed the ongoing speculations surrounding Mzekezeke, but his confession stirred more questions.

The renowned podcaster and DJ, known for his awards, decided to open up about Mzekezeke in a video.

He expressed his exhaustion at having to repeatedly deal with these rumors.

DJ Sbu has been trying to distance himself from the masked singer persona for some time, but it seems people remain unconvinced.

In a video titled “The Confession,” shared by @pmcafrica, DJ Sbu shifted the focus away from himself and onto three individuals, including Ntando. He included a video of Ntando’s interview with Unathi, during which Ntando imitated Mzekezeke while narrating a story.


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