Cellphone Snatcher Chased And Knocked Off By A Tazz Driver Goes Viral

Fearless Driver Takes Matters Into Own Hands, Chases Down Thief

In a surprising turn of events, a Tazz car owner decided to confront criminals who stole their property.

CCTV footage captured this bold response, and the video quickly gained over 6,000 likes on Twitter, leaving netizens impressed.

The incident, which went viral on social media thanks to @sa_crime, showed the Tazz driver taking action against a thief who snatched their phone through the car’s window.

Instead of letting the thief escape, the driver chased them down and even attempted to run them over.

To add to the drama, a SAPS van was nearby, making the situation even more intense.

The woman’s criminal chase-down earned lots of praise.

The rising crime rate in South Africa made people see the lady as a hero.

Others were more worried that she could be arrested for hurting the thief despite self-defence arguments.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised when watching the video.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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