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The Richest People in Southern Africa: A Glimpse into Wealth and Success

Southern Africa is home to some of the most prosperous individuals on the continent, with fortunes that have been built through a wide range of industries and endeavors.

Let’s take a closer look at the richest people in Southern Africa, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the region’s economic landscape.

1. Nicky Oppenheimer – R95.2 billion

Nicky Oppenheimer, with a fortune of R95.2 billion, is a prominent figure in the diamond mining industry. He was the former chairman of De Beers, a leading diamond company.

2. Johann Rupert – R82.96 billion

Johann Rupert’s wealth of R82.96 billion is largely attributed to his involvement in luxury goods. He chairs the Swiss-based luxury goods company Richemont.

3. Christoffel Wiese – R76.16 billion

Christoffel Wiese’s vast wealth of R76.16 billion stems from his investments in retail, particularly as the former chairman of the retail conglomerate Steinhoff International.

4. Ivan Glasenberg – R65.28 billion

Ivan Glasenberg is the CEO of Glencore, a multinational commodity trading and mining company, contributing to his wealth of R65.28 billion.

5. Patrice Motsepe – R34.4 billion

Patrice Motsepe, known for his diversified business interests, holds a fortune of R34.4 billion. He founded African Rainbow Minerals and is involved in mining, finance, and more.

6. Koos Bekker – R28.56 billion

Koos Bekker’s R28.56 billion wealth is associated with his leadership at Naspers, a media and technology company.

7. Allan Gray – R24.48 billion

Allan Gray is the founder of Allan Gray Investment Management, contributing to his wealth of R24.48 billion.

8. Stephen Saad – R16.32 billion

Stephen Saad is the CEO of Aspen Pharmacare, a multinational pharmaceutical company, and possesses a fortune of R16.32 billion.

9. Jannie Mouton – R13.6 billion

Jannie Mouton, the founder of PSG Group, has accumulated a wealth of R13.6 billion through investments in financial services.

10. Lauritz Dippenaar – R8.5 billion

R8.5 billion fortune is linked to his involvement in the financial sector as a co-founder of FirstRand.


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