WATCH : Dashcam Footage Reveals Shocking Truck Accident In Lichtenburg

Dashcam Footage Has Emerged Of A Truck Accident That Occurred Along The N14 Highway In Lichtenburg

Newly surfaced dashcam footage exposes a truck accident on the N14 highway in Lichtenburg, raising serious concerns about the driver’s actions.

In the video, an articulated truck carrying alcohol flips over on the highway.

The driver initially blocked the in-cab camera, but the crash unintentionally cleared the view.

Surprisingly, the footage reveals the driver accompanied by a female passenger.

In a concerning turn of events, the driver appears to reach for a bottle of alcohol, seemingly unaware that the camera was recording.

Once he realizes he’s being recorded, the driver hurriedly obscures the camera with a tissue roll.

This footage has stirred outrage on social media, with many demanding accountability for the driver.

Some suspect the driver may have been intoxicated during the accident, and concerns have been raised about the female passenger in the truck’s cab.

The Lichtenburg community is furious about the footage, expressing disgust at the driver’s behavior and fear for the safety of other road users.

Calls for the driver’s arrest and charges related to reckless driving and other offenses have surged.


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