Good News As Fuel Prices For November Are Set For Major Drop

Fuel Prices Expected to Drop in November - Relief for Motorist

Motorists could see a drop in fuel prices for November, bringing some relief to their wallets.

Unleaded petrol (95) is predicted to decrease by around R1.97 per litre, while diesel, which has been increasing for several months, may experience a 78c/litre drop.

Illuminating paraffin prices are also expected to go down by 74 cents per litre.

The Automobile Association (AA) based this forecast on mid-month data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF).

The decline in diesel prices is particularly significant as it is a crucial cost in sectors like agriculture, mining, and manufacturing, and lower diesel prices can help stabilize the prices of everyday goods.


Petrol 93 decrease of 192 cents
Petrol 95 decrease of 197 cents
Diesel 0.05% decrease of 72 cents
Diesel 0.005% decrease of 78 cents
Illuminating Paraffin decrease of 74 cents

It’s important to note that these predictions could change due to factors like the ongoing conflict in Israel, which has led to fluctuations in oil prices.

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) will announce the official adjusted fuel prices on the first Wednesday of November.

However, the main driver behind these expected price drops is stable international oil prices.”

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