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Zodwa and Ben 10 lover call it quits

Zodwa Wabantu has reportedly separated from her lover, Ricardo Olefile Mpudi, marking the end of their three-year relationship.

Zodwa is known for her preference for younger partners, with her list of “Ben 10s” including Durban Ben 10, Ntobeka Linda, Vusi Buthelezi, and the now-former partner, Ricardo. Despite facing public breakups in the past, Zodwa has remained open to love.

According to reports, Zodwa is now single, and a friend of the entertainer confirmed their separation.

The friend noted that Zodwa is keeping the breakup low-key, having learned not to make a big fuss after previous experiences.

Their separation is attributed to Zodwa’s spiritual journey and her decreased bookings, which have affected her income. Ricardo has also removed all pictures of Zodwa from his social media accounts.


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