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Nadia Nakai Suffers Heart Attack Over AKA’s Necklace

Nadia Nakai Had a Mini Heart Attack When She Almost Lost the Late Rapper’s Necklace

Rapper Nadia Nakai faced a moment of panic when the necklace belonging to her late boyfriend, AKA, almost slipped away.

The cross chain has sentimental value to the artist, and she had earlier committed to keeping it around her neck.

Staying true to her promise, Nakai frequently showcases the necklace in pictures shared on Instagram.

However, on Monday night, she shared a small heartbreak with fans after the cross fell off.

“My cross fell off my necklace today… thank God I didn’t lose it! I still had a little heart attack tho… like WHAAAT???” she revealed.

Concerned fans suggested seeking spiritual assistance, speculating that the incident might hold a deeper meaning.

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