Eskom Announced A Scheduled 9-HOUR Power Outage In Selected Johannesburg Areas

Eskom Announces Scheduled Power Outage in Orange Farm for Maintenance

Residents in Orange Farm have been notified by Eskom about an upcoming interruption in their electricity supply due to essential maintenance work.

This planned power outage is set for Friday, 17 November 2023, spanning from 9:00 to 18:00.

The affected areas include Drieziek Extension 4, Orange Farm Extensions 2, and 7B.

The purpose of this interruption is to conduct necessary maintenance on the distribution network.

During this period, Eskom urges residents to prioritize safety by treating all electrical appliances as live.

This precautionary measure is in place to minimize the risk of accidents or mishaps during the scheduled power outage.

“In the interest of safety, customers are advised to treat all electrical appliances as live at all times during the power supply outage,” emphasized Eskom.

The maintenance activities are essential for the proper upkeep of the distribution power lines, contributing significantly to the overall reliability and efficiency of the electricity supply in the area.

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