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“its too little” – Enhle Mbali Reveals Black Coffee’s Monthly Child Maintenance

Enhle Mbali Sparks Controversy: Black Coffee's Maintenance Revealed?

In a recent revelation, Enhle Mbali, known for her ups and downs, has stirred fresh controversy by sharing insights into Black Coffee’s alleged maintenance payments on Instagram.

The once-powerful couple faced challenges, especially in the maintenance department, with Enhle Mbali taking the matter to court.

Initially seeking over R100,000 in maintenance, her request was turned down by the courts.

However, the recent revelation has left Mzansi puzzled.

Responding to a follower on Instagram, Enhle Mbali suggested that Black Coffee is paying R50,000 for child maintenance.

The ambiguity in her response has sparked confusion, with people unsure whether she was being serious or playful.

This disclosure follows a past revelation in 2021 during an emotional outburst, where it was claimed that Black Coffee was paying a substantial R65,000 for child maintenance.

The ongoing saga between Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee continues to capture public attention and raise questions about the intricacies of their legal battles.

Mzansi’s Reaction:

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