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Shebeshxt Says He Makes Over A Million In A Month On Mac G’s Podcast

Shebeshxt Reveals Millionaire Lifestyle and Ambitions on Mac G's Podcast

South African artist, Shebeshxt opens up about his life and career on the recent episode of Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

The artist gave people a glimpse into his life through the many revelations made on the podcast, as many perceive him to be a social media sensation and an upcoming artist.

Shebeshxt confidently stated that he makes over 1 million in a month, and that he doesn’t get the money through robbery but from gigs.

“I make over a million a month, just with gigs & other things I do, not robbery,” he said. The artist bragged about the cars he has and how he desires to achieve much more while he is still young.

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