Moja LOVE’s Priscilla Masanabo Involved In Fight Over Family House

Priscilla Masanabo Kicked Out of Own Home Amid Family Feud Over Renovations

Reality TV sensation Priscilla Masanabo, known for her role in Moja LOVE’s Gug’Othandayo, finds herself entangled in a real-life saga as a family dispute over a house in Vosloorus escalates.

The drama unfolded when Priscilla was forcibly ejected from the home she had painstakingly renovated and transformed into a comfortable abode.

In a candid interview with ZiMoja, Priscilla revealed that the turmoil erupted over a simple request for an extension cord.

However, the altercation turned ugly when her uncle resorted to aggressive behavior, damaging her prized possessions and hurling insults.

Despite attempts to diffuse the situation, Priscilla found herself at odds with her family, feeling isolated and betrayed.

Priscilla’s decision to renovate the neglected family house after her divorce was met with mixed reactions from relatives who suddenly expressed interest in reclaiming the property.

Feeling unfairly treated and unwelcome, Priscilla narrated the challenges she faced, including constant harassment and sabotage by her uncle.

The once harmonious home has become a battleground, with Priscilla seeking refuge with fellow cast member Ninkie Moabelo amidst the chaos.

Despite her efforts to maintain civility, Priscilla remains the target of hostility and mistreatment.

When approached for comment, Priscilla’s uncle, Sipho Masanabo, responded with hostility, refusing to acknowledge Priscilla’s ownership of the house and dismissing her claims.

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