Fake Doctor Arrested for Bribery Attempt at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

Bogus Doctor Busted At Bara Hospital For Demanding About R700 To Help Patients

A fake doctor was apprehended at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital on Sunday after she tried to extort a bribe from a patient before providing assistance.

The Gauteng Department of Health has issued a stern warning to the public, urging them to remain cautious of fraudulent healthcare practitioners following this alarming incident.

The impostor, known as “Dr. Zulu,” was caught red-handed wearing green scrubs and demanding a hefty R700 bribe from a patient’s escort before offering any medical aid.

The suspicious behavior raised red flags when the fake doctor instructed the escort to meet at the hospital’s pedestrian gate for the illicit transaction.

Alerted by the escort, security personnel swiftly apprehended the bogus doctor.

Upon interrogation, the fraudster failed to produce valid credentials, including her Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) registration number and a persal number.

Subsequently, a case was lodged at Diepkloof Police Station, leading to the impostor spending a night in custody and awaiting appearance in the Orlando Magistrate Court.

Motalatale Modiba, spokesperson for the health department, emphasized the importance of vigilance, cautioning the public against falling victim to such scams.

Legitimate healthcare workers never solicit direct payments from patients. Any fees payable within hospital premises are processed through patient administration, with proper invoices issued for transparency.

This recent incident echoes a similar case involving fake doctor Matthew Lani, who was apprehended at Helen Joseph Hospital for impersonating a medical professional.

Lani’s attempt to escape capture through a hospital window highlighted the audacity of such impostors.

Lani, a 27-year-old influencer, had falsely claimed to be one of the youngest medical graduates from Wits University, amassing a significant following on TikTok by sharing purported medical advice.

However, investigations revealed his claims to be unfounded, prompting swift action from authorities to protect public safety.

As healthcare fraud continues to pose risks, the Gauteng Department of Health remains vigilant in safeguarding the integrity of medical services and warns the public to remain wary of deceptive individuals posing as healthcare professionals.

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