Well Known Gospel Singer Now Wheelchair Bound

Gospel Singer Fikile Mlomo Hospitalized for Over a Month: Shares Her Story from Bedside

Gospel songstress Fikile Mlomo has been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Durban for more than a month, revealing her health ordeal exclusively from her hospital bed to ZiMoja.

Confirming her hospitalization, Mlomo disclosed, “Yes, I can confirm that I am currently in the hospital, and it’s been six weeks since I’ve been here.”

Detailing her condition, Mlomo shared that while she is no longer in pain, she has lost her ability to walk.

“About a month ago, my entire body was wracked with pain, and suddenly I fainted. Since then, I’ve been unable to walk,” she recounted. Expressing further concern, she mentioned her inability to feel her lower body.

Awaiting test results to diagnose her condition, Mlomo remains steadfast in her faith and optimistic outlook.

“I trust that this is the will of the Lord, and I place my faith in His hands and those of the doctors. Whatever the outcome, I know the Lord is in control. I’ve prayed about it and am at peace. Regardless of the diagnosis, I maintain a positive attitude,” she affirmed.

Despite the challenges, Mlomo finds solace in the unwavering support of her friends and family, whose presence has been a source of strength and comfort throughout her hospitalization.

“I am incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends and supportive family members. Their love and care have been a beacon of light in this difficult time,” she expressed gratefully.

With music temporarily on hold, Mlomo prioritizes addressing the obstacles in her personal life and career.

“For now, music is not my focus. I need to tackle the challenges that have arisen in my life. When the time is right, I will return to creating music. I’ve been composing songs inspired by my journey and experiences,” she shared, concluding with a sense of resilience and determination.

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