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Muthi: How To Return A Spell Or Curse Back To Sender

How to Counter Muthi Spells Naturally: Effective Tips for Protection

Are you seeking ways to ward off negative energies or curses? Look no further! Here are some powerful tips to help you return muthi spells back to their sender, naturally.

To begin your protective ritual, you’ll need a red candle and red vimbela. Rub the candle with the vimbela and pierce 3, 5, or 7 needles through it.

The needles symbolize redirecting any harm back to its source. Light the candle upright for three consecutive days.

Next, invert the candle so that the base becomes the top and continue lighting it for the next three days.

Prayer can greatly enhance the effectiveness of this ritual.

Remember to extinguish the candle immediately after each use and store it for future use whenever you sense negative energies around you.

Pay close attention to any signs or messages you receive during this process.

Trust your instincts and be mindful of any unsettling feelings or strange occurrences, especially after interactions with certain individuals.

Dispose of the needles as they naturally fall off the candle.

With these simple yet potent techniques, you can shield yourself from muthi spells and reclaim your peace of mind.

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