‘Bombshell’: Ajax Suspend CEO Over Insider Trading Suspicions

Shock at Ajax as CEO Suspended for Insider Trading, Adding to Club's Turmoil

Ajax, the Dutch football giants, are reeling from another blow as CEO and chairman Alex Kroes faces suspension over allegations of insider trading, marking a new low in the club’s troubled season.

In a stunning announcement on Tuesday, Ajax revealed that Kroes had purchased over 17,000 shares in the club just a week before his appointment was officially announced in August 2023.

The club’s Supervisory Board, after seeking external legal counsel, concluded that Kroes likely engaged in insider trading, a serious criminal offense.

The news has sent shockwaves through Ajax’s fanbase, already grappling with a string of disappointments this season.

The supporters’ association described the revelation as a “bombshell,” exacerbating the ongoing woes of the club.

In a blog post, they lamented the seemingly endless turmoil plaguing Ajax, leaving fans in disbelief.

Acknowledging his actions, Kroes admitted that his decision was not prudent but insisted it was intended to instill confidence in the club.

However, he expressed regret over the negative repercussions and vowed to contest the decision.

This latest controversy adds to Ajax’s woes on the pitch. Despite a storied history featuring legends like Johan Cruyff and Dennis Bergkamp, the club endured a dismal start to the season, languishing at the bottom of the Eredivisie table.

While they have since clawed their way back, Ajax still finds themselves in an unfamiliar fifth place, trailing their rivals by a significant margin.

With their European hopes hanging in the balance, Ajax faces an uphill battle to salvage their season and restore faith among disillusioned supporters. Source: AFP

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