Shebeshxt Allegedly Points F!rearm At Fan Mid-Concert In Video, SA Outraged: “Arrest him”

utrage as Shebeshxt Allegedly Points Firearm at Fan During Concert

Controversy seems to follow Shebeshxt wherever he goes, and his latest stunt has sparked fury among netizens on X, drawing sharp criticism from none other than Sizwe Dhlomo.

In a TikTok video reshared by @MDNnews, Shebeshxt is captured on stage brandishing what appears to be a firearm, shocking the audience as he aims it towards a fan amidst the crowd.

The footage has stirred up a storm of reactions, with many Mzansi residents expressing their dismay over Shebeshxt’s actions.

Some have even gone as far as calling for his arrest, citing the gravity of pointing a gun at a member of the public.

However, amidst the uproar, there are those who speculate that the firearm might be nothing more than a toy gun, adding a layer of uncertainty to the incident.


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