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Zimbabwe’s New ZiG Currency Stays Stronger Than The Rand!

Zimbabwe's New Currency, ZiG, Holds Strong Against US Dollar

Zimbabwe’s latest currency, the ZiG, is making waves after its recent launch, maintaining a steady position, as announced by the country’s central bank.

The ZiG is currently valued at 13.45 per US dollar, according to data released by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on Thursday, April 11th.

This stability contrasts with the South African rand, which stood at R18.78/$ at the same time.

Introduced on Monday, the ZiG, short for Zimbabwe Gold, marks the nation’s sixth attempt to revive its local currency.

Previous attempts, notably with the Zimbabwe dollar, faced continual devaluation before being abandoned on April 5th.

Governor John Mushayavanhu of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe outlined that the ZiG would be fully supported by a diverse reserve base, including foreign currency and precious metals like gold.

The aim is to bring simplicity, certainty, and predictability to Zimbabwe’s financial landscape.

The new currency comes in seven denominations, ranging from 1 to 200 ZiG, aiming to facilitate everyday transactions for Zimbabweans.

While the Zimbabwean dollar witnessed a drastic loss of value against the US dollar over the past year, with an official rate of around 30,000 and 40,000 on the black market, the ZiG promises stability.

This financial resilience is crucial for Zimbabwe, which faces high inflation rates and economic challenges, compounded by factors like widespread poverty, unemployment, and drought.

In related news, South Africa’s Water and Sanitation Minister recently signed a memorandum with his Zimbabwean counterpart for the transfer of treated water, highlighting ongoing regional cooperation efforts.

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