10 Interesting Facts About My Brother’s Keeper’s Ntandoyamangwe Mazibuko (Thoba)

Meet Ntandoyamangwe Mazibuko (Thoba) - 10 Fascinating Facts About the Rising Star

Ntandoyamangwe Mazibuko, also known as Thoba, is a multi-talented rising star making waves in the world of entertainment. Here are 10 interesting facts about him:

1. Roots:

Hailing from Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, Ntandoyamangwe Mazibuko comes from a close-knit family of four, including his parents and younger sister.

2. Education:

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance (Honours) from the University of Witwatersrand, showcasing his dedication to his craft.

3. Theatre Credits:

Ntando has graced numerous theatre productions, including Fake N.E.W.S, ePap, Hopeless, Bina Pina, Uthimba, When Hope Met Themba, and Native Psychopathology, displaying his versatility on stage.

4. Breakthrough Role:

His big break came with a role in the popular Mzansi Magic telenovela, My Brother’s Keeper, where he captivates audiences with his talent. Interestingly, Thoba is an extrovert, while Ntando is more laid back.

5. Ntandoyamangwe Mazibuko

Ntando’s audition journey was unconventional. Initially contacted via email for a callback while rehearsing for a theater play in Daveyton, he drove to the audition and eventually secured the role after a self-tape audition.

6. Musical Talents:

Beyond acting, Ntando showcases his musical prowess as a DJ under the stage name Tribal Africa, infusing his sets with unique drum beats.

7. Versatile Artist:

He is not just a DJ but also an Afrotech & Afrohouse producer, singer, and dancer, demonstrating his diverse skill set in the entertainment industry.

8. Athleticism:

Ntando’s talents extend beyond the stage and studio. He excelled as a sprinter in primary school and has a knack for long and high jump, showcasing his athleticism.

9. International Aspirations:

While his dream is to make a mark on the international stage, Ntando remains grateful for the recognition he has received in South Africa.

10. Love Life:

Ntando is happily taken, dating actress and TV personality Thando Madondo, and their relationship radiates cuteness.

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