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3 amazing benefits of wearing a G-string

I have often heard people talk about a thin line between right and wrong. Some people have said they walk on a tight rope because they enjoy living on the edge.
Now if you’re good at reading between these thin lines, you will see that I’m driving towards a certain point about thin lines, which can also be seen in underwear called the G-string.
While some might debate if one is really wearing underwear in a G-string, fashion experts agree there are many benefits to wearing this s_xxy number:
While for some this might be debatable, those who do wear it insist on tiny, skimpy G-strings only as they prefer the feeling of comfort.
From causal jeans to dressy trousers and little black dresses or pencil skirts, this underwear blends in perfectly like a chameleon in the wild.
Models on the catwalk who wear the tiniest G-strings during fashion shows prefer them as they deem them s_xxy and comfortable.
-daily sun