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3 Couples That Will Get Married On Skeem Saam In 2021

We already know that Thabo Maputla and Mapitsi Magongwa will walk down the aisle in 2021. But there are two other couples that will also tie the knot; Charity Ramabu & Mpho Manaka and Kwaito Seakamela & Elizabeth & Glenda.

These two haven’t had the easiest relationship on the show. When Thabo impregnated Mapitsi in high school, nobody ever imagined the two will be getting married in the future. We’ve seen how promising their relationship is this week when Thabo showed his villainous that he values his fiancés input over hers. He didn’t even want her to lift a finger when she was supposed to be cooking dinner for her in-laws on the day of her exam. Mapitsi also proved that she puts Thabo first and that she prefers making decisions with her future husband than solo.

It might not seem like there’s any hope of these two walking down the aisle soon because they’re constantly clashing at the moment, but this is the first real-promising relationship that both of them have ever been in. Charity has been attracting the wrong men since the show started and Mpho has never been in a relationship. The honeymoon phase is over and they’re disagreeing more than usual now because they’re getting to know each other. Mpho needs a strong woman like Charity to push him in his career, so that he can be more than just an educator. Charity needs a man like Mpho who isn’t going to do everything she wants, a real man who isn’t dodgy or a villain; someone she can come home too.

Now that Kwaito’s best friend; Thabo has popped the question, Kwaito is going to be pressured to start thinking about settling down. In 2021, he’s going to propose marriage to both his girlfriends and it will be up to them to decide if they want to be in a polygamous marriage or end the relationship. Kwaito is also going to move out next year and get his own house.

Couples That Will Get Married On Skeem Saam