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‘4 wives plus a side chick?’ — Tweeps left shook by Musa Mseleku’s ‘thirst’

Popular polygamist and reality star Musa Mseleku was recently slammed for being a womaniser who is hiding behind polygamy and culture on Twitter.

After finding out he has a girlfriend outside his four marriages, tweeps reasoned he felt the need to have another wife to have the children with. The TL was set ablaze with fiery insinuations that the Uthando Nes’thembu star might be seeking to expand his family because the third wife can’t give him children.

Some said this would put a strain on his marriage to MaKhumalo.

Tweeps were shocked with how he casually mentioned it to first wife MaCele on one of his regular visits to the house.

When they started having a discussion about going to see the tribal chief about the lack of boy children in the Mseleku household, he mentioned he has a girlfriend.

On the episode he said the first person that needed to know if he was seeing someone was MaCele.

When he confirmed to MaCele he was seeing someone she said, without flinching, “there’s always someone”.

He said there’s a girlfriend but he won’t call her number five. Umamkhulu said Musa was not supposed to tell him about girlfriends. He should go to her only when he has intentions to marry.

Out of shock, MaCele compared him to shameless men who would say they are married but impregnate “siblings” of the wife, after finding out that woman has the same surname as MaKhumalo.

Towards the end of the show MaCele vowed to tell the family should he have intentions to marry her, he had already married someone with that surname.

Here are some reactions from tweeps: