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5 South African Celebs who look totally different with their natural hair

Celebrities are under constant pressure to look their best 24/7, which means many consultations with hair and makeup artists.

Many stars have become so consumed with looking a certain way, we rarely get to see them without their “face beat” or expensive weaves.

But the natural hair movement has resulted in scores of women, including A-list celebs, showing off their real hair.

These Mzansi celebrities are not afraid to show their fans what they look like au naturel.

Many of them look completely different without their fake hair, but beautiful nonetheless.

Minnie Dlamini

TV presenter Minnie Dlamini loves to switch up her hairstyles. From Pocahontas like weaves to blonde wigs, Minnie has tried it all.

But every now and again she likes to show off her beautiful natural locs. Just about every hairstyle suits this natural beauty!

Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla’s natural hair grow quite fast and she once had locs that reached well below her shoulders.

But she has always been tempted to cut her hair, which she keeps tucked away under protective hairstyles.


Boity Thulo has been proudly showing off her natural hair for years. She has even switched up her natural hair looks by experimenting with dry perms.

The TV-presenter-turned-rapper might wear fake hair most of the time, but when she does show off her real hair, her fans are never disappointed.

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba is notorious for not showing her natural hair. Her ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA, even complained about it in a song. “Waited two years just to see you with your weave off… What that say about your character, you was f**king me while I was paying damages,” he rapped.

We can count on one hand the amount of times we have seen Queen B with her natural hair. A rare sighting of Bonang’s hair n 2017 caused a major stir in 2017. Designers Quiteria & George shared a video of star trying on one of their dresses while rocking her natural afro.

The video was eventually taken down – probably at the request of Bonang – but everyone agreed she looked all kinds of amazing with her fro.

Wearing fake hair

Source: All4Women