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5 Tips on how to give the best b!ow job ever

s_x, just like a wedding cake, has many layers and flavours to it.

One layer is foreplay, that can best be described as the party starter to the penetrative aspect of s_x.

Every layer plays an important part in the overall make-up of the experience

A key component of foreplay that plays a critical role in the overall s_x experience is oral s_x, also known as a blow job.

A blow job is the act of stimulating a man’s penis with the mouth for s_xual pleasure.

According to s_xologists, giving someone a blow job can be the perfect foreplay as it often triggers the best erections.

Like any dining experience, one needs the right table manners.

According to Healthline and Cosmopolitan magazines, these are the s_xual etiquettes of giving the best blow job:

1. Don’t sink your teeth in it

The fundamental rule to giving the perfect blow job is not to bite the 4-5. This can be very painful.

2. Don’t rush

Start off slow with light pressure. Then slowly increase your pace. If they seem to be getting close to climax, stick with what you’re doing.

3. Pay attention to his reaction

Thrusting, holding your head steady or quivering are all signs that they’re loving it and getting closer to climax.

4. Keep good eye contact

Like Black Coffee’s smash hit Your Eyes featuring Shekhinah, your eyes are everything during a blow job. Eye contact is hot, shows confidence and ups the intimacy factor.

5. Be very handy

Use your hands to control the 4-5 and tighten the nuts, if you catch my drift.

– Dailysun