Home Celebrity Buzz Zodwa Wabantu discourages the spread of HIV amongst vulnerable young people

Zodwa Wabantu discourages the spread of HIV amongst vulnerable young people

Zodwa Wabantu is commonly known for being naked and talking about having fun all the times. This time she has come with a powerful message and Mzansi appreciates the honesty. Taking to Instagram Zodwa posted a video with the caption ‘Umuntu no Muntu Akagcine Isifo Sakhe HIV🙏🏾 Ngiyacela🙏🏾❤️’.

Despite posting about s_x frequently the dancer and media personality sees it fit to discourage older and rich people from spreading HIV to young boys and girls especially the vulnerable ones. Sometimes rich men take advantage if the less privileged girls and sleep with them without protecting because they offer them money or solutions to whatever problems they will be facing.

This message from Zodwa is powerful and is something many people in Mzansi should consider. Responding to her message, many members of the public agree with her and share their stories. Here are some of the responses:

“Some people are not honest about their status so you gotta always look out for yourself”

“Eish this deserves to be an advert on TV. This is profound skhokho”

“It’s unfortunate because some people don’t think like that hey..abanye abantu ba selfish umuntu aztshele kuthi akafuni ugula yedwa”

“What a powerful message skhoko, ey kodwa nawe mntomdala😂😂😂😂😂😂 God must keep blessing you maan ❤️”

“I couldn’t agree more💯💯💯💯”

Many times we hear of cases whereby one gets the virus and decides to pass it on to innocent people. This mentality has infected many youths in Africa just because one wants to punish others for their own encounters. Many African countries including South Africa fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Campaigns and timely reminders on media platforms are also used to make the population aware of the causes and how to avoid spreading of the virus. In schools children are being taught about the virus and ways of preventing it. It is one of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate the spread of HIV and Aids. This shows how serious the matter is.