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7 Signs Reveal That Your Partner is Sleeping with Someone else

You can feel when someone is changing on you and there are so many ways one can find out if your partner is sleeping with someone else. When your partner is cheating we can easily pick up the signs from new cellphone numbers that are calling late night to a women’s perfume in their clothing.

BUT, what if your partner is sleeping with someone else? There are no obvious signs to solve this mystery. This article will provide the signs to look out for if you’re suspecting your man.

#1 Making love is no longer exciting

You know how your partner get excited when you two are alone. Well, at the beginning of a relationship couple are all touchy-feel but as time goes by they draw back a little, it’s normal.

Usually, when the draw back isn’t really mutual or it is your partner’s problem only. That could be the sign that they getting lucky with someone else.

#2 It’s Not Fun Being Around You Anymore

If spending time together is no longer fun, they don’t pay attention to you when you’re talking. When the lack of interest extends beyond bedroom that’s a problem.

3# Long Delays in Communication Long delays in communication is another sign because cheaters need some extra time to come up with excuses and lies that make sense.

4# Your Partner is Always Late

This could be the oldest trick in the book for cheaters. Let’s get few things straight; we’ve all been late and that’s ok. But if you’re going out with someone who’s never late and all of sudden this changes, that’s a bad sign.

5# They Suddenly Carry a Second Phone

All of a sudden, they have a second phone. Yes, it’s logical for someone to carry a second phone for job and business related. BUT if the second phone is protected with passwords and patterns, they never leave it lying down. It is a sign.

6# Your Partner is More Giving

There has to be a logical reason behind every session of gift showering. Pay rise, business is going good? It all makes sense. But, if nothing is changed except the gift showering, it’s a sign of guilt. Make sure you investigate closely to find out the real reason behind the extra presents.

7# You Notice Questionable Things Around You

You Notice two used glasses or plates when going to their place. You come across a restaurant receipt but you don’t remember going out that day.