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A 17 yrs old boy from Mpumalanga passed matric 2020 with 100% flying colors that breaks the Internet

A 17 years old boy from Mpumalanga province passed her matrix 2020 with huge 100% high marks that gave him to qualify, for the National senior certificate and his the minimum requirements for admission to bachelor degree, diploma or higher, certificate study as gazetted for admission to higher education.

This little boy got social media in happiness over her pass rate of higher percentage marks that are huge that can make them go back to school and archive better marks like him Ama’2000 are doing good.

This boy’s mother and her father are very happy and appropriate for what her son did to them to show them how to be educated as a student.

Their parents used to pay bills for something not for nothing this boy is a genius 100% given by God they don’t claim.

People appreciated him for her beautiful results he got that he worked for to archive good results, he said he wants to be an artisan for electrical engineering.to make her dreams come true to her parents who makes her grow up until now his family are excited. he makes her parents proud of him to study harder to see him on the next level after going to varsity this year 2021.his school name is Suikerland secondary school in Mpumalanga province, South Africa.