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A 4 year old girl died after years of being diagnosed with Leukaemia

The mother who goes by the name of Nonhle has been seeking help on Twitter, asking people to pray for her daughter who was very sick. People have been sending out a prayer to Nonhle’s daughter, and consoling her. Now Nonhle is back to share that her daughter is no more, in other words, she has just died.

Nonhle went on to reveal what her daughter said before she died “She caught me crying and said ” Ma I know you’re sad coz I’m sick., don’t cry. Wangihlikihle isandla (She massaged my hand). My perfect little angel. I had so much to do with you, so much love to give you. Waze wangizuma (I’m still shocked by your passing” said Nonhle, the mother who has just lost her child.

People have rushed to the comment section to extend their deepest condolences and to also share how heartbroken they are “My sincere condolences Nonhle” Twitter user consoling Nonhle. “Children are not supposed to die before their parents,” said a heartbroken Twitter user. “At this very moment, my heart is with Nonhle. No parent must bury their children. Askies sis”.