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This girl posted a picture lying that she was driving but people zoomed in and saw this

Driving is a skill that everyone wished they had but unfortunately only a few have. This is because of lack of resources and even fear itself.
On the other hand social media has king of given pressure on these young people to prove that they are capable of doing certain things and this includes driving. A certain girl posted a picture on social media as she was sitting on the driver’s seat paying close attention to the road that was ahead of her.
 However she did not pay close attention to a number of things that proved that the car was stationery and not going anywhere. Firstly and foremost the seat she was in seemed to belong to someone who was bigger than her from the way it was adjusted. For her to be able to drive properly she would need to adjust the seat according to her height.
 Secondly the gear lever was in neutral and the handbrake was up which meant that the car could not move in any way. This got people laughing at the girl for trying to hard and pretending to be driving when obviously she has no idea of how that works.